Attention Zazzlers on Pinterest

Attention Zazzlers on Pinterest

Do you have a Zazzle online store, or stores? Are you making use of Pinterest as one of your social network promotion methods? If not, give it serious consideration.

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Whether you’ve just gotten started or been doing it for a while, you may have found it challenging to really get the word out about your product lines. Before anyone will buy your products at Zazzle, they will need to first see that you have these products available. Visibility is crucial to actually making sales. Pinterest appears to have great potential for giving one some of this much needed exposure. But with Pinterest as with any type of social network, it all depends on how many followers see your pins. Fortunately there is an additional aspect within the Pinterest universe, which has the power to magnify, even exponentially multiply your exposure. They call it the repin.

The Power is in the Repin.

Allow me to explain on the initiate level for the benefit of those as yet unfamiliar with Pinterest. If you’re already using Pinterest, hang in there; a little review hurts no one. At Pinterest one creates virtual bulletin boards, or Pin boards. You “pin” images from various other web sites on your boards. In turn “pinned” images become back links when clicked upon, which takes you back to the website origins of those images. Optionally, further linking may be included within image descriptions.

Pin boards are designed to run along themes, and any given user may have an indefinite number of these boards. For example, many have Pin boards with a humor theme, and pin amusing pictures on those boards. I have such a board called, “Funny Stuff”. I also have a board devoted to “My Art”, and of course a board specifically for “My Zazzle Products”. Additionally, I created a board titled, “Other Zazzlers”; more about that board later.

So naturally, my desire is to direct people with money to spend to the Zazzle products I’m promoting on my Zazzle products board. That too would be the desire of all Zazzlers with Pinterest pin boards. However, if only my followers see my pins, then I’m left with little hope unless I can find many thousands of followers. But prior to achieving such a growing fan base, there is something that can be done to magnify the numbers of those seeing your pins. Join what we might informally call a Zazzler cooperative on Pinterest. This is done by first following each other. Then each participate creates pin boards as I suggested above, one for one’s own Zazzle Products, and a separate board for other Zazzlers. It is important to keep these separate from one another. You don’t want the pins of your own stuff to get lost in the shuffle of all the other Zazzler pins that you repin. After you’ve gotten your boards set up, then just pin your favorite Zazzle products in your products board, and repin the products that you especially like from the other Zazzlers you follow in your version of your “Other Zazzlers” pin board. Likewise, the other Zazzlers do the same, pinning their own things, and repining yours in turn. By this means your followers effectively become exposed to their pinned products, and their followers become exposed to your pinned products. By helping each other in this repining way all members of this “cooperative” have their exposure magnified exponentially.

If you’re interested in participating in such a Zazzlers on Pinterest Cooperative, then start off by following me on Pinterest at:  I will in turn follow you back, and the repining can begin for both of us. After that, look at my followers, and find among them other Zazzlers, and do the same with them. In relative short order this network of Zazzlers on Pinterest can grow and become mutually beneficial to all who participate.

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manish007, posted this comment on Sep 27th, 2012

Good share.

Emancipation, posted this comment on Sep 27th, 2012

Interesting share. Thanks for this.

Will, posted this comment on Sep 28th, 2012

Ok…I just gave it a whirl. I post as Not sure how to link all this to a specific url though.

Trey Allen, posted this comment on Sep 30th, 2012

Niceposting and thanks for share

stine1, posted this comment on Oct 6th, 2012

I am using Pinterest for a few months now. I don’t yet see any success, my counter does not track any traffic from there. But I am not giving up.
You should also check out

Tina (minx267) Shaskus, posted this comment on Oct 7th, 2012

t’m with Christine… I love wanelo

Bill M. Tracer, posted this comment on Oct 7th, 2012

Thank you stine1 and Tina,

I will most definitely check out this

Bill M. Tracer, posted this comment on Oct 10th, 2012

stine1 and Tina,

I signed up at I’m not sure how to proceed from here. But I was wondering what your stores are at so that I might follow you both there, and see the examples of how you set up things up there.

stine1, posted this comment on Dec 3rd, 2012

Hi Bill,
you don’t really set up stores at Wanelo, it works 100% like Pinterest. You create boards and add “pins” to Wanelo.

You can find my Wanelo profile here:

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